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Enriched Images is a Film Production Company

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Our mission is to produce and direct films for diverse audiences who want to watch amazing faith-based and inspirational films that are relatable, authentic, and entertaining.


Our vision is to be the leading film company that showcases diverse films of faith and impacts lives, one story at a time.

"Entertaining Faith-based Films for Diverse Audiences"

Film Equipment

Whether it's writing the script, creating communications plans, searching for locations, creating storyboards, or making sure your content reaches the right target audience, we'll help you get your project off the ground.


We have all of the right gear to capture the story you need to tell. We own 4K high-quality cameras, audio equipment, professional lights, Ronin-S gimbal stabilizer, teleprompter, and a 4K drone to get the shots you never thought of. 


Most people hate video editing, but we love it! We're editing on Adobe Premiere and will make sure your video is polished and read to publish for the world to see. 


We love to tell stories with photos! We've photographed weddings, church services, and all sorts of special events, just to name a few.   


Our mission to enrich your image, period! We understand that in addition to videos and photography, a business must also maintain a great image with a website, logo, flyers, social media content, business cards, etc. This is why it is our pleasure to  provide these services as well.    


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Mike Davis Jr., BFA, MDiv, MPS

Filmmaker  | Creative Director | Entrepreneur 

Mike Davis aka “God's Brand Manager” is a filmmaker and owner of Enriched Images, a film production company that produces media content for diverse audiences who want to watch amazing faith-based and inspirational films that are relatable, authentic, and entertaining. 


Mike was born and raised in Harlem, New York, and started illustrating at the age of three. He attended the High School of Art & Design but his creative passions transitioned into filmmaking during his second year at a community college in the Bronx. He enjoyed consuming movies while working at Blockbuster Video and Magic Johnson Movie Theater but just watching films wasn’t going to be good enough - he wanted to make films.


Mike desired to go to film school, but he have the money to attend. Hearing how the Army pays for your college tuition, Mike signed up for enlistment and literally went from Harlem to Germany within a couple of months. 


As of today, Mike has served in the U.S. Army for 20 years. He is a veteran who deployed to Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Djibouti, Africa. He served on active duty for three years in Germany and in the National Guard for 17 years. He served for more than a decade as a Public Affairs Mass Communication Specialist.


After successfully telling the Army’s story, Mike is fulfilling his calling by telling diverse stories involving the Christian faith. He is a Christian minister who strategically uses his multimedia talent to showcase how God loves his target audience – YOU. 


Mike has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts, an MDiv from Howard University School of Divinity, an MPS in Integrated Marketing Communications from Georgetown University, and pursuing an MS in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.


He currently resides in the Atlanta area getting a taste of both the Georgia peach and the progression of his film career. Through his education, life experiences, and creativity, his ultimate vision is to impact lives through positive media, one story at a time.

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Providing video and marketing services to the Atlanta Metro Area. 




"As a professional Realtor, I look to partner with other professionals and I will say Enriched Images and their team is top notch. Michael and his team always provide quality service and open to new ideas. He helps my clients get highly qualified buyers to sellers properties based off of the images he provides. Which is key in Real Estate." 


—  Chad Craig, Realtor



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